Following up on our previous post regarding horse and pony rugs, we are now at that time of year that we may need to invest in a good quality fly rug.

Now that it has finally stopped raining (did it really rain every day for 6 months – it definitely felt like it!) testing our turnout rugs to the maximum, then comes the next big challenge – those pesky flies!

Both Mark Todd and Jumpers Horse Line offer a range of fly rugs, they are both affordable and well made and your horse will thank you for it on those days where it suddenly goes tropical!

Please visit or to see which Mark Todd or JHL rugs may suit your needs, or even to top up your turnout rugs for next year if your previous ones are waving the little white flag!

Hoping you are all keeping safe and well in these current uncertain conditions – see you on the other side where hopefully it will be sunny and we can enjoy our horses again – much as they can drive us mad at times they can also be our sanity!

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